19 Sep 2023

I-24 MOTION shares first public data release

Ten days of vehicle trajectory data are now available for download by the transportation research community

The I-24 MOTION project team released the first dataset from the testbed to the public on September 19. This dataset, codename [INCEPTION v1.0.0](https://i24motion.org/data), contains ten days of data from various traffic scenarios totaling 47 hours. This is the largest high-resolution vehicle trajectory dataset to date on a highway at this 4-mile scale. The project is expected to drive new insight into traffic phenomena, driver behavior, and connected and automated vehicles. This is the first of many datasets to be produced by I-24 MOTION. Continuous, daily data production is expected to start at the end of 2023. Read more about I-24 MOTION and its data [here](https://i24motion.org).